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Sunday, January 20, 2019

My New Digital Home

    2018 was a year of big changes:

  • New work at B-Sew Inn
    • ( I started there as an education consultant in November 2017.)
  • New living arrangements
    • (I sold my house and combined households with my long-time companion.)
  • Renewed interests in sewing and fiber arts
    • (My new work inspired my personal interests.)
  • Rejuvenated mind, body and spirit
  • New ideas overflowing
    • (My journal is filled with ideas for all areas of my life.)
  • New outlet for selling my arts and crafts
This whirlwind of change necessitated a change in how and where I blog. I had abandoned my previous blog since I recognized that it no longer served my needs, yet I yearned to bet back to writing and sharing my ideas. This blog, Amy Jo Sews and More, and my Amy Jo Art and Design website are now my digital space for sharing my way of making a life I want to live.

Here’s what you can expect to see on this blog:

  1. Pictures of projects
  2. How-to’s and tutorials
  3. Musings about my creative life
  4. Where to see and buy my stuff

What you won’t see on this blog:

  1. Ads running on the sidebars, in between posts, or hidden in links inside posts. I feel like we see enough ads. Don’t you?
  2. Product reviews or paid product placements. If I mention a product, it will be because I truly like and recommend it, and I won’t be receiving any compensation for talking about it.
You can join me on my artsy journey by subscribing to my posts by email (see box in sidebar), following my Instagram accounts, @amyjogarner and @amyjosews, or liking my Facebook page, Candy Lane Art and Design.

If you want to support me or any other artist or maker, buy our stuff, follow us on social media, and recommend us to your friends.

I welcome your comments and feedback! Life is better with good conversation.

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