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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Reusing Bobbins

Can we talk about bobbins?

I recently received some old bobbins that I'm going to use to make sewing related charms. They all had old thread on them that had to be removed. Most had more than one color of thread wound on them.
Don't wind a new thread color over another color on your bobbin. First, you won't get a good wind with proper tension. Second, your machine's low bobbin sensor won't work properly. Finally, you risk getting odd knots that will wreak havoc on your sewing.

Look at the mess I encountered. I ended up throwing this bobbin away.

If you need to reuse a bobbin, take the time to pull off the old thread. Bobbins are inexpensive, so keep plenty on hand. I buy them in bulk so that I always have an empty bobbin handy.

Want to know more about bobbins? Check out this video from Sewing Parts Onlilne.

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